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So... you make music, or your help others make music. But you're struggling when it comes to how to make your music sound the way it should sound.

At the Live Show...

If you're making music in a live setting, our LIVE PRODUCTION team is ready to help you produce your event. Whether you're playing a small acoustic venue, worshipping with your church in an echo-y gymnasium, or putting on a concert in the great outdoors, we can provide the sound reinforcement, stage lighting, and live video production for your show, so that your vision comes to life.

In the Recording Studio...

If you're wanting to produce your music so you can distribute it to others, our MUSIC PRODUCTION STUDIO can help you produce top-notch recording, editing, mixing, and mastering results. Whether you want to release a live recording of your show for your band's Facebook fans, preserve the memory of your child's first school play, or just capture the essence of your favorite place to play music on your next album, book the date and give us an address. Check out our portfolio.

QSC KLA (Line Array)

Are you having trouble with your existing sound system, stage lighting rig, or video production rig? What you need is some proper TRAINING so that you acquire the know-how and the tools to get what you want out of your equipment. We can help you streamline your setup for maximum efficiency and ease of use. Having trouble with inexperienced sound staff at your club, restaurant, or house of worship? We can train you and your whole crew, to make sure your staff is up-to-date on how everything is set up and what to do if something goes wrong! Contact us for a custom quote.

Are you looking to equip your church, venue, or band with what they need to get the job done?

Music Production Studio

In the Recording Studio...

In produced music, a big part of the finished product is the ambience of the room or space that it was recorded in. Instead of bringing the you to a one-size-fits-all, padded recording room, we can help you find the best-sounding room in the area that suits your recording project, and bring the studio along with us. Don't worry though, we have a permenant, professional post-production studio in town for editing, mixing, and mastering, once we lay down the tracks. Our goal is to realize your vision, and the advice and expertise you'll get from a skilled engineer is invaluable during the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering processes.

In the Recording Studio...

Our studio services include full-band recording (on-location), singer-songwriter writing & recording projects (on-location), commercial & jingle production, mastering, vocal recording projects (on-location), track/beat production, CD duplication & digital distribution, and more. Need a quick vocal lesson? Need help with a guitar lick? One of our coaches will join you in the studio to make sure your performance shines! Our lead engineer has been involved in songwriting and studio work for many years and is glad to lend his ears and his advice as well.

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We also provide consulting and training to you as you grow in your recording & production experience. Some artists prefer for everything to be left to the professionals, but we know that many artists would rather record their song ideas on their own time, then bring them into the studio for production, mixing, and mastering. We totally understand. In addition to selling the gear you need to start making and recording your own music, we offer training for recording techniques, room acoustics, and for most major DAW software suites (Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Studio One). Contact us for details.

Studio Gear

  • Microphones [hide]
    • Rode NTK (w/ upgraded NOS tube)
    • Heil Sound PR35
    • Heil Sound PR22 (x3)
    • Heil Sound "The Fin"
    • Heil Sound PR31BW (x2)
    • Heil Sound PR40
    • Heil Sound PR48
    • Heil Sound PR28 (x3)
    • Shure SM81 (x4)
    • Cascade Fathead II (x2)
    • Cascade L2 Stereo
    • AKG D112
    • Audix i5
    • Sennheiser e609
    • Sennheiser e840
    • Electrovoice DS35 (x2)
    • Shure SM57
    • M-Audio Pulsar II (x2)
  • Instruments/Backline [hide]
  • Hardware/Software [hide]
    • Interfaces: Midas M32 console, Audient iD14, Behringer X32 Rack
    • Preamps: Focusrite ISA (x4), Audient (x2), Midas DL16 x2 (32 channels)
    • Monitoring: Yamaha HS50M (x2), Yamaha HS10W subwoofer, Hear Technologies Hearback personal monitoring system (for each musician to be able to control their own headphone mix)
    • Presonus Studio One v.3

Live Event Production

QSC KLA (Line Array)

Lost in Sound is ready to provide sound reinforcement and professional lighting for all kinds of venues: a wide-coverage, quality system for indoor auditoriums, towers of power for an outdoor festival, or a one-speaker system for a small coffee shop. A great P.A. system, pro lighting, and capable engineers can make all the difference between "a band over there on the stage" and a show! Think about some of shows you've seen where you couldn't hear the vocals, the guitar was WAY too loud, or you couldn't see the band because they were in the corner in the dark! Even if the artist or band performs at their best, all is lost if you don't have a great mix and an appropriate visual presentation. That's where we come in; contact us.

At the Live Show...

Live Recording

We also bring the studio to the stage! Lost in Sound is equipped with a fully mobile recording rig for any of your on-site recording needs. We provide multi-track audio recording and up to a five-camera crew to record HD video, making us the one-stop solution to record your band's live show, your school's upcoming event, even the talent show that your kids are singing at! Files are then taken back to our studio for mixing and formatting. You messed up the solo during the crowd's favorite song? Don't worry, it can still go on the live album! Come into the studio afterward, and we'll overdub (re-record) the solo WITHOUT the drunk guy who kept bumping your guitar.

On-Hand Production Gear

Andrew Mixing
  • Mixing Consoles [hide]
    • Midas M32
      • 32 XLR inputs
      • 6 additional line-level inputs
      • 16 mono or 8 stereo "mix busses" (auxiliary mixes)
      • Dynamics and EQ on every input and output
      • 8 stereo effects engines
      • Can be used stand-alone or with 2 DL16 stage boxes via one CAT5 cable
    • Midas M32C
      • Can be used with 2 DL16 stage boxes for the same inputs/outputs as the M32
      • Can be connected to M32 console for use as a monitor console, without sharing buses with the FOH console
      • 16 mono or 8 stereo "mix busses" (auxiliary mixes)
      • Dynamics and EQ on every input and output
      • 8 stereo effects engines
    • Behinger X32 Rack
      • 16 XLR inputs
      • 6 additional line-level inputs
      • Can be used with 1 or 2 DL16 stage boxes for the same inputs/output quality and quantity as the M32
      • Can be connected to M32 console for use as a monitor console, without sharing buses with the FOH console
      • 16 mono or 8 stereo "mix busses" (auxiliary mixes) with 14 physical outputs
      • Dynamics and EQ on every input and output
      • 8 stereo effects engines
  • Full-Range Speakers [hide]
    • 2 x Danley Sound Labs SM80 main speakers
    • 2 x Yamaha DSR112
    • 2 x Turbosound IQ10
    • 4 x QSC K10
    • 1 x QSC K8
  • Subwoofers [hide]
    • 2 x Danley Sound Labs TH118
    • 2 x QSC KW181
  • Microphones [hide]
    • Line 6 XD-V70/75 Wireless System (x6)
      • Handheld Transmitters(x4)
      • Bodypack Transmitters w/ headsets or instrument cables(x2)
      • Heil Sound PR35 Wireless Capsule(x1)
    • Line 6 XD-V30 Wireless System (x4)
      • Handheld Transmitters(x4)
      • Heil Sound PR35 Wireless Capsule(x1)
    • Heil Sound PR35
    • Heil Sound PR22 (x2)
    • Sennheiser e840
    • Shure SM58 (x6)
    • Electrovoice DS35 (x2)
    • Heil Sound PR31BW (x2)
    • Heil Sound PR40
    • Heil Sound PR48
    • Heil Sound PR28 (x3)
    • Cascade Fathead (x2)
    • Shure SM81
    • AKG D112
    • Sennheiser e609
    • Audix OM7
    • Audix i5
    • Shure SM57
    • M-Audio Pulsar II (x2)
    • DI Boxes (x4)
  • Lighting [hide]
    • Chauvet Intimidator Beam intelligent lights (x4)
    • American DJ Vizi LED Spot intelligent lights (x4)
    • Preloaded truss sections, each with 6 x Par 56 Cans (x3 sections, x18 par cans)
    • Various Professional-line LED RGBA and RGBAW Wash Lights (x24)
    • Fog machines, various lasers and effect lights

    ***Huge selection of unlisted equipment availble as needed. Let us know what type of event you have, and we'll show up with the right stuff.

Pro Audio and Lighting Sales

Lost in Sound is a reseller! We can help you find the right gear for YOUR rig. We do our research before picking the gear we use in our studio and our live events, and those are the brands we have chosen to stand behind. We aren't a big company with a big online store. We'd rather just talk to you about your rig, and help you figure out what you need! Please call or email us with any questions you have about our gear. We'd love to help get you going in the right direction.

Danley Sound Labs - Web Site

When we first got our hands on Danley's speakers and amps, our eyes (and ears) were open to the possibility of studio-quality sound coming from high-volume PA systems. Danley continues to innovate and push against the crowd in the pro audio industry. If you haven't heard them, find out when our next show is or contact us for a demo!

QSC - Web Site

In addition to their solid history in manufacturing quality amplifiers and line array speakers, their K series, KW series, and KLA series powered speakers have changed the face of live sound in the music industry! With quality parts, innovative design, and groundbreaking DSP technology, it's hard to go wrong with these for any band, house of worship, club, or production company.

Presonus - Web Site

Presonus has done some amazing things in the live sound field over the last few years. 5 years ago, they didn't make any mixing consoles; they made recording studio equipment and signal processors. Today, they have the second highest mixer sales of any console manufacturer, and for a good reason. Not only are the StudioLive consoles an amazing value in digital consoles, but the StudioLive consoles show that Presonus sticks to their recording roots, as they have full multi-track recording functionality, right out of the box. The StudioLives are also the only consoles on the market that allow the sound engineer to mix right from an iPad AND the musicians to adjust their monitor mixes right from their phone! And that's barely scratching the surface as to what these consoles can do...

Global Truss - Web Site

We use Global Truss as the building blocks for our event landscapes! Come check out one of the events we produce to see it in action!

Heil Sound - Web Site

We are a huge advocate of Heil Sound microphones, as they are some of the best dynamic microphones on the market. By using large diaphragm dynamic capsules and knowing their stuff when it comes to phase alignment, Heil's dynamic microphones give the same quality and detail as many high-end condenser microphones, without the feedback issues condenser microphones often cause in a live sound environment!

Line 6 - Web Site

Line 6 is no longer just a guitar gear company! They have had some amazing innovations in the last few years, namely with their digital wireless microphones and wireless instrument systems. We use all Line 6 wireless gear in our rigs, and they have convinced us that there is truly no difference in tone between wired and their digital wireless!

Chauvet - Web Site

We use a lot of Chauvet in our live lighting show. They make quality gear and have some of the best values in professional event lighting. They make gear that compares to the industry-standard "dinosaurs" that cost 5-10 times as much! Check out some of their products at our next event, and we'll get you set up with a killer light show for your band, house of worship, or event production company!

Gator Cases - Web Site

Gator Cases are our choice in ATA-style road cases! Gator offers lots of options for protecting your gear, from gig bags, to lightweight cases, to the ATA tour cases that we use at our events. They work with manufacturers all over the world to design new OEM-approved case models for specific mixers, speakers, instruments, and tons of other products! Let us know what you're looking to protect, and we'll have Gator find the perfect case for it.

Rapco Horizon - Web Site

Rapco Horizon cables have always given us amazing results. They make rugged, high-quality cables, snakes, direct boxes, and more, and have never turned us down on a custom-made cable or snake order. Becuase of our great experience with RH, we are in the process of changing all of the cables in our PA rigs over to Rapco Horizon cables. Ask us about the Rapco Horizon lifetime warranty!


Through distributors, we carry high-end recording hardware/software, and live sound, lighting, and video production equipment from dozens of major brands. Want to see the list of all available brands and product lines? Contact us.

For more info, a quote, a demo, or just our opinion of specific products, contact us via email or call us using the widget at the top of the site!


Studio Media Credits

  • Upside Down and Under: recorded and co-produced at Lost in Sound
  • Let the Hate Go: recorded, co-produced, and mixed at Lost in Sound
  • Two: recorded live by Lost in Sound, mixed at Lost in Sound
  • Backdoor Memory: recorded live by and mixed at Lost in Sound
  • The Aftermath: recorded by My Two Wings, mixed and mastered at Lost in Sound
  • Upside Down: recorded, mixed, and mastered at Lost in Sound
  • Commercial Demo Reel: recorded, mixed, mastered, and compiled by Andrew Henderson
  • Give Me Your Heart: recorded, co-produced, mixed, and mastered at Lost in Sound
  • Final Judgement: recorded and mixed at Lost in Sound

Live Sound/Lighting Credits

  • Decemberadio
  • Ruben Studdard
  • Yonrico Scott & Todd Smallie (Derek Trucks Band)
  • Blueground Undergrass
  • Angie Aparo
  • Sol Driven Train
  • Rollin' in the Hay
  • Caddle
  • Roll Tide Relief, Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Kid Capri
  • Todd Simpson & Mojo Child
  • Just a Few Cats
  • Erin Mitchell Band
  • Jon Poor Band
  • Groove Daddy
  • Good Morning Lucy
  • L.O.L.A.
  • J. Willoughby (Black Jacket Symphony)
  • Frankie Velvet & the Mighty Veltones
  • FisherGreen
  • The Pieces of Eight
  • Marc Phillips (Hotel)
  • Erica & the Soulshine Band
  • Wes Loper
  • Erica & the Soulshine Band
  • Night Flight Big Band
  • Nine Lashes
  • The RayGun Administration
  • Cool Reign
  • Erin Mitchell Band
  • Neo Jazz Collective
  • The Arrangement
  • VASA
  • Christa Jordan Band
  • Cody Mashburn
  • Nine Lashes
  • Butterbean Festival, Pinson, AL
  • Kevin Derryberry (Telluride)
  • Steve Wingo
  • Mile Marker 7
  • II Da Maxx
  • Legends
  • RayGun Administration
  • The Black Magnolias
  • Little Memphis
  • The Signals
  • Alexa Rankin
  • Jeff Otwell Band
  • The Five O'Clock Band
  • Defying Belief
  • Uncle Mountain
  • Thrine
  • Legends
  • Shekhina Glory
  • The Acousticats
  • ...These are just a handful of the acts we've done work for...

Upcoming Events

Commercial Production Credits